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About Us

Insane E Liquid became reality in 2012, as vapers ourselves we were on a mission to produce the highest quality, best tasting eliquid on the planet! What started out as trial and error for our own vaping pleasure quickly spread into high demand by the vaping community. Our intention was never to actually sell online but to formulate recipes for a future retail vape shop. We began giving away our liquids online through our vaping network (Powervape on vapers.tv) and at many vape meets and convetions well before making it available to the public. The response to our blends was amazing. Simply put the demand was there and so insaneeliquid.com was born.

We continue to produce one bottle at a time, everything mixed, filled, labeled, and sealed by hand. Our product is not mass produced by robots and doesn't sit on shelves collecting dust. When you order Insane E Liquid your are getting a fresh mix bottle of handcrafted quality! Your finished product starts out in a sterile lab. We sterilize every bottle when our inventory shipments come in and store them in sealed containers prior to filling, capping, sealing, and packaging for shipment. This ensures you of a sterile and safe end product. We take great pride in our process and hope our customers appreciate the extra effort and care we put into each and every bottle of Insane E Liquid!

The future is now! We are proud to let everyone know that our retail location and new lab is finally nearing completion. The retail location is called Powervape and is located in Clinton Township, MI. If you're in the area stop in and say hi!

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