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This is the same flavor profile as the OG Pirate Juice. 

The OG Pirate was developed over 5 years ago when low wattage vaping with ego style batteries and tanks were the norm. As vaping has evolved with higher wattage devices and better tanks and drippers we feel the intended flavor profile of the OG Pirate gets a little muted. So this is why we have taken the last several months in developing the new PIRATE JUICE REMASTERED. We feel we have preserved the flavor profile but have also created this blend to have much more clearly defined taste on the palate with today's vaping devices. You will find the flavors to be much more pronounced and in our opinion a much smoother vape. Don't worry OG Pirate lover's - OG Pirate isn't going anywhere but you might want to give PIRATE JUICE REMASTERED a try! 


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